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In The Spotlight / Aengie Quest

This Spotlight page is made to give a closer look to some great games and to give them a little more attention. Also reviews, cheats and just anything that is related to any of the games on this site.
Aengie Quest is a girly puzzle adventure. Help Aengie get to the target in each level. Do this by opening doors with keys and moving blocks, figure it out or use one of the level passwords to continue playing:

XHSNK - Level 2
AJKER - Level 3
CIEPS - Level 4
VULTR - Level 5
EWJEK - Level 6
ARVID - Level 7
EFEJK - Level 8
FJIEJ - Level 9
AENGI - Level 10
DGKJE - Level 11
EIOEE - Level 12
OPEJE - Level 13
ZKANW - Level 14
JURPS - Level 15
LOPSZ- Level 16
KITTU - Level 17
POESS - Level 18
JURTY - Level 19
KUURT - Level 20
OPREE - Level 21
KFKEE - Level 22

By: Admin

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Anyway, enjoy gaming!